Next Generation

As a leading voice in the outdoor community Kendall prioritizes the next generation through her "pass it on" initiative. She focuses these efforts on women and children by creating opportunities to experience the outdoors.

Read more about Kendall's Pass It On Campaign.

2nd Amendement Advocate

It has been said that once you give up a single freedom you only stand to lose another. Kendall believes the 2nd amendment is the most important defense against infringement upon the many liberties we enjoy as Americans.

Live Inspired

Kendall's journey has taken her to the highest of highs and lowest of lows. She has made it her mission to help others navigate through their own personal trials. She encourages others to grow in their faith, trust in their confidence, and live proud being the unique human you are designed to be.

Merch with a Mission:

Proceeds from this merch go to creating opportunities for kids to experience the great outdoors!

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